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Coverage for Business Owners

There are several things to think about when it comes to running a business responsibly. One of the most important aspects is making sure you have the right insurance policies in place to protect your business. That’s where Brummel Madsen Insurance comes in. We have the knowledge and experience you can trust to assist you in selecting the correct coverages. We know your business is unique, so we’ll help find the right insurance solution to fit those unique needs.

Property Insurance

Covering everything from office spaces to maintenance buildings and other facilities, a property insurance policy makes sure your spaces are covered against fire, storm damage, hail and other forms of natural disaster. All these can decrease your property value if you want to sell in the future. A policy with Brummel Madsen can help protect your property value.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is necessary to make sure you’re covered against a variety of threats. Liability insurance policies from Brummel Madsen can help protect you in the event of workplace accidents, data breaches of customer information and legal costs if your business ever faces a lawsuit.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

These insurance policies are in place to help protect both business owners and employees. Whether it’s an on-the-job injury or an illness, a worker’s compensation insurance policy can help make sure your employee receives the compensation they need so they can return to work quickly. Our programs are designed to reduce your costs from worker’s compensation claims and educate your employees to prevent further claims in the future.  All of which reduce the risk of your business losing money.

Umbrella Coverage

Make sure you’re covered for anything with an Umbrella policy that goes beyond the coverage offered by a general liability policy for your business. If you face an unexpected event, such as a lawsuit or a major loss of assets, your liability coverage may run out well before all the costs are covered. Whether you are an officer for a large company or own your own small business, an umbrella insurance policy is critical to making sure your business is covered against anything.

Inland Marine Insurance

Does your business require you to ship products and cargo on a regular basis? If so, you want to make sure you’re protected against the loss of a shipment with inland marine insurance. These policies protect shipments over roadways, airways and waterways, insuring not only the products you’re shipping, but the equipment and tools you use for transporting the products.

Employment Practices Liability

This is an essential policy for virtually all businesses. Employment Practices Liability insurance is put in place to give your business coverage in the event that an employee makes an allegation of wrongdoing. A policy can cover you against claims of harassment, wrongful termination and alleged discrimination based on gender, age, race, disability and more.

Directors & Officers Insurance

This coverage protects you against costs that come up as a result of legal actions brought against company executives and Boards of Directors, whether it is to cover legal costs or money to pay a settlement or an amount of money awarded in a suit against the company.

Commercial Bonding

We offer the following commercial bonding products:

  • Contract Surety Bonds
  • License and Permit Bonds
  • Fiduciary Bonds
  • Court Bonds


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